Rescue Journal

you can have your bed and eat it too.

Carol  ·  Oct. 4, 2016

argh..wasn't much of a couple of days off..i just spent my time off doing one thing after another.
and apparently my bed has been eaten again..(the staff posted a photo on their staff FB chat.) i am not even going to look at it until i have to, i am sure it will put me into a not happy mood.

hot bath...drugs, i think my asthma is acting up again, breathing isn't good. it is all of the dust and dirt dragged in by the big, hairy, digging holes crew.
any way i will deal with the restricted breathing and then i will tackle the eaten bed.

ahhh rescue. it would be so very nice if rescue was pristine and pretty. maybe it could be if we actually had a "built to be a shelter" facility.
however, we got what i could find and afford and are pretty darn lucky to have what we have.
but man if i could design one from scratch..i would ensure my bed was not available to be eaten!

oh well, for now they get to have my bed (to sleep on) AND they get to eat it too.

rescue sucks... at least for me...but the bed eaters had fun today i guess.


shelagh f

I use a feather pillow i get from Jysk, less than $10. Imagine the
lovely mess that could make? You do give up a lot for all those
big dogs