Rescue Journal

did i blog about my new pillow?

Carol  ·  Oct. 5, 2016

the brand new $3.47 pillow (that actually was pretty comfy) that i bought last week after being virtually pillow-less the previous week?

so that big bundle of fluff in the upper left of last nights the sad remains of that amazingly cheap but quite satisfactory pillow. had a lot of stuffing.

so...i fixed up the bed...we slept on the bed, including the bed eaters.

the staff were right..i don't actually sleep on the corner they so cheerfully destroyed so once settled i didn't dwell too much on the newest assault on my bed...but i did greatly notice the loss of my sweet and cheap comfy pillow!



no sarcasm at all penny..i LIKED that pillow! was cheap but super comfortable..i was more upset over the pillow loss than i was the assault on my bed!


I know you've been accused of not blogging regularly, Carol - but am I detecting a slightly sarcastic note in your blog about your new pillow, LOL!!!