Rescue Journal

happy tales

Carol  ·  Oct. 5, 2016


coda bear went off to her new home and i am greatly missing her. i didn't want to say anything in case she came back (which i was secretly wishing she would...) but it looks like she has stolen another heart and so i guess in terms of getting her back..i am screwed. you coda forever!

newby harvey went out on a trial today..apparently erin has a photo of him already swimming in his own personal pond. harvey wasn't here long enough for me to get super attached so i am really happy for him and hoping he has found his forever and ever happy home. his new family are so incredibly great that if they can make it work for him i know they will. newest bed buddy and personal back warmer and overly affectionate blood letter (zen) went off to his own super great home on a trial today too.

three have flown the is quiet here and i feel their absence.

may you all have your hearts over flowing with love and caring.... Every. Single. Day.