Rescue Journal

laddie's light

Carol  ·  Oct. 13, 2016

laddie had a peaceful and gentle journey. renee brought him in chinese food which he totally adored. he was bright and cheerful at the vets scarfing down her meat balls.
he had one sedation injection and he immediately went to sleep.

i told the vets afterwards that laddie was really the epitome of saints purpose and meaning.

he came in as a unwanted, unclaimed, ancient, stray and dying dog back in May. we didn't even think he would make it thru the first weekend. laddie's kidneys never got any better, in fact they just slowly got even worse.
but what changed laddie from dying to living was his own ability to embrace living.

laddie toddled around our fields, he (sort of) swam in the pond. he chased balls, ate horse poop, (kind of) rolled (but really flailed) around on the grass. laddie even had an arch enemy that he occasionally picked on because he was powerful (oreo thought he was a dick!)

we did nothing to make laddie live for the past five months except get out of his way.
and laddie charged right back into living fully every single day.

rest in peace laddie, you were a truly amazing dog and your light burned bright.
we all loved and will truly miss you.




This post embodies everything we all love about saints, thank you Carol, sweet dreams Laddie.


He really seemed to enjoy his life at SAINTS, his walks with the gang and hanging out at the barn on weekends. Even when he was getting weaker he still enjoyed his life there. Run free Laddie, you will truly be missed, loved that dog.


Carol..... remember the song "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine". I've had it in my head since reading your post....thank you


Lovely tribute to Laddie, Carol...
Such a beautiful old boy.....and such a heartbreaker....thank you Laddie for your example of how to live life...full on .....each day


Sweet Laddie - you gave him another chance at living, loving and trusting, Carol. So desperately sad to be old, dying and unwanted. He must have thought he was in paradise at Saints. Run free, Laddie - no more suffering.


Laddie loved life and had such a beautiful soul... Thank you for making his last months so joyous.


<3 As one of your nightly far-away readers, I fell in love with Laddie. Something so, so special about that kind face. I am so grateful that Laddie had such a great life in his last six months of living... so grateful that SAINTS and Carol and all the volunteers work and sacrifice to give this to more than a hundred animals, even knowing that they often only have a few months to live.

Thank you.

And Laddie, I'm so happy you found love. Sweet dreams.

Lenore Henry

Thank you Carol for giving Laddie a home at Saints. I think what I will remember most is his soulful eyes that stole my heart …rest peacefully now Laddie boy.