Rescue Journal

the revolving door

Carol  ·  Oct. 15, 2016

our much loved feline, prince william went off on an adoption trial with one of saints extended family of repeat adopters today. Michelle adopted tinsel, a sweet little diabetic cat from us and spot, a dog whose atrophied and contracted front leg had to be removed to allow him a better quality of life. we already know michelle is an awesome home, we just hope william realizes it and does his best to get along with his new brother and sister. and that's what adoption trials allow everyone involved the opportunity to do.

and on the heels of william's leaving, this came dickens. a 17 yr old hyperthyroid spca seizure. he is a very nice old cat.

we wish william the very best in his future home and we wish for dickens that he finds happiness with us for as long as he needs.