Rescue Journal

the faces of saints

Carol  ·  Oct. 17, 2016

we humans have been stressed the past little many animals to care for, the losses of those we loved, figuring out the wants and needs of the new ones...worry about the constant bills, staff working short handed, my working longer hours, currently being sick, and throwing a bit of cranky carol into the mix.
anyway..suffice it to say, it has been a tough few months.

but at the end of the day, it is the faces here that tell me we are doing ok.

i cannot put into works the warmth the flows thru me as they trustingly place their faces into my hands.

i read somewhere years ago that dogs prefer not to have the heads stroked, dog folks know they like their chests stroked more.

maybe our animals are different, maybe they don't know that heads and faces are no-no's.

but in the dark of the night, i can walk from room to room and cats and dogs offer their heads to me to stroke or smooch.
my hand placed at the side of their face slowly slips thru their fur, they stretch forward as my hand pulls back, to feel the soft touch again...i am telling you it moves me to the core.

in offering me their faces, they are offering me their trust.
tonight was the first face night for phoenix, my hand reached out and his face gently slipped in.
his soft and gentle face became another gift.

the ones who say animals do not have a voice are mistaken. their voices weep or sing out loud from their eyes and their faces.
all we have to do is look at them and see and share their joy or their pain.

and when they place their heads in our hands it is with the gentlest trust.

the days may bring me a great deal of stress but the nights bring me their quiet friendship.

i think they are offering a reciprocal payment....and it is more than enough.



Totally agree. While my daughter's cat doesn't want to be picked up and is not a lap sitter he definitely tolerates me stroking his head.


This is perfect. I love when they offer their faces for smooches. Except when I'm sitting on the toilet.... Thats always when Brody puts his head on my lap lol >.<

Willie C.

I have been weak and ill for quite a while. The other day I received sad news that a good friend is sick with cancer. Dark days. Thank you for letting us walk with you tonight and stroke the wonderful faces.