Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 19, 2016

oreo went into the vets today for an ear check up..he was his usual dick headed self and had to be sedated.

andy is going back in tomorrow for aa cardiac ultrasound. andy is getting up there in years now..14 or 15. when he was in last week, he was quite upset, coughing and having a hard time breathing. which he wasn't really doing at home but i think his anxiety escalated some hidden problems. They did a chest xray and the concern is he may have cardiac disease hence the ultra sound tomorrow. the plan is to sedate him as soon as he gets in so his anxiety doesn't start to escalate giving him more problems.

finally edith looks to be doing a little bit better...doesn't look quite so scare crowish and is more active. besides still working on getting better control of her diabetes, we also started Vit B12 injections to help with her IBS.

erin did some cat switch arounds in the mp building today..because several of the cats were moved, we are monitoring everyone carefully to ensure they are eating and drinking and are doing ok with the moves.

sid had his vet visit today..gosh that dog is cute. he has a new trick of standing on my feet so he automatically goes with me when i move.

the recent newbies..dickens, ricco, phoenix and sid are all settling in well.

ok..thats it, i am tired and thinking of bed.


shelagh f

I think Oreo is just like Magee, misunderstood, in the right
circumstances, he would shine! Kind of like Roxy, someone
loves her, warts and all. hope Andy feels better soon


OK..I am officially falling in love with Keats...I hope he joins the barn crew soon. I think he will really enjoy helping us out.

Hoping all goes well with Andy. I still picture him as a young dog flying around the yard at the old place...if it was in slow motion he would look just like a Disney in Walt Disney. Also hoping the news on Oreo is just age much as he is a dick.....I love him too.