Rescue Journal

shawn has sadly lost her foster Amarga

Carol  ·  Oct. 25, 2016

she passed away, unexpectedly in her sleep. Amarga was an elderly, 20 yr old llama, and she leaves behind not only shawn and her family but Choque, her lifelong friend as well.
here are shawn's sad word about her passing...lucky girl to be loved so well.
also hugs to cheryl, who is deeply feeling the loss of Amarga as well.

I miss her so much. She was such a kind, loving llama. She would take her cookies so gently, and would go nose to nose with me. Her whiskers were very tickly. I wish I could have had her for longer. I feel like I was just getting to know her, but she had my heart, this curious majestic girl.


Lynne arnason

I'm very sorry Shawn rip sweet girl you died being loved that's all anyone can ask for


Omg Shawn...we were just talking about Amarga on very sorry. Being in your care....and heart.....was a great place to be for her last days. Take care..hugs to you


Oh Shawn, so sad to hear this. You guys had so little time together, but it sounds like you had a great bond already. Poor Choque, he'll need your love even more now.

alyson nerker

So sorry Shawn. Thank you for being a loving Sainte to Amarga


Thank you Shawn for giving the pair a sucks for her close friend :-(