Rescue Journal

sorry been busy

Carol  ·  Oct. 29, 2016

and tired..not a good combo for blogginhg.

all is well. well as it get with a bunch of senior and special needs animals.

i am STILL waiting confirmation times on the arrivals on the two new dogs and can't update the folks who have offered to help on that yet.

a few quickie updates

keats hates going outside and will not go out on his own. this is what sometimes happens when outside dogs discover inside living. they are afraid if they go out they may not get back in!
i just keep telling him...being left outside when he wants back in will never again be a problem for him.

geezer is becoming a kitchen cat. i always like it when a back cat finally screws up their courage and decides to brave the unknown and discover the perks in hanging out in the kitchen.

robbie's back is getting better but i have decided he probably needs an xray because this is the third or fourth time in the past several years that his back was really hurting him. i think renee booked him in for next week.

caishen has a mass on her belly so she too is going in to the vets next week.

nacho is not doing well this week..still waiting to see if the med adjustment bumps him back up into feeling well.

please keep lynne and her husband in your prayers, john is quite ill and has been in hospital since last week. sending them both hugs and best wishes for john to feel better!



Oh dear thoughts and prayers are with you and ditto what Erin wrote. (HUG)


so sorry for this difficult time for both of you. if you or john need anything please let me know,


Oh very sorry to hear this words....just prayers and hugs for you and your family my friend.


I forgot to ask you about two small dogs for Tuesday CTV that are kinda adoptable. I had suggested salty and Elvis but they are peeers

Lynne arnason

Thankyou they got the blood clots out but discovered he has brain cancer