Rescue Journal

unhappy halloween...i will have a migraine by tomorrow morning!

Carol  ·  Oct. 31, 2016

airabelle and clover weathered their transport really well. these dogs have traveled thousands of miles since their original rescue..from the Artic to the Northwest Territories to the southern Fraser Valley.
sweet dogs...airabelle lOVES her food and clover needs to learn to eat faster! they have found their big, double dog sized bed, their basket of toys, and our willingness to give belly rubs. they are settling in just fine.

too bad it is halloween tonight, it is a bit noisy here as i have all of the tv's and stereos turned up really loud in each area in anticipation of drowning out fireworks. won't be too restful of a night for any of us.

oscar is happy..he is all settled in to watch an especially loud version of "underdog" is by far his most favorite movie. he likes to watch it closely and interact by inserting his own oscar the grouch barks.
i have pulled the few curtains we have, turned on all of the lights and for the rest of the night i will go to and fro and back and forth..restarting loud movies for the animals that do not have cable and just making sure my reassuring presence is noted frequently.

i get that halloween is great fun for humans..but it sucks for animals. it might be more fun (and safer!) for everyone if fireworks were outlawed.



sometimes kids come up to the school yard next door and set off firecrackers and bottle rockets..sometimes it is pretty quiet and all we hear is the fireworks going off at a distance. but you never know year to year which it is going to be so you have to be prepared.


I surprised in your rural location that you would have such an issue with fireworks. Sorry for migraine from the too loud TVs, but it sounds like your charges will be taken care of.

Karen Buder

So wonderful to have Airabelle and Clover. They must really love that bed after that tiring long trek to get to Saints.

Can't imagine what it was like for you all last night - even with all the extra measures you took. Hope all went as good as it possibly can?

Lenore Henry

Thank you Val for finding her home - she must have been so frightened. Hope she got through the rest of the evening ok.


Glad everyone had you looking out for them!! On my way home from the gym I found a senior retriever mix stumbling around looking scared to death... Took me a couple minutes to leash her and then we walked the neighbourhood together for an hour and a half before I finally knocked on the right door!!! The lady had no idea she was missing... put her in the backyard because the doorbell was freaking her out... meanwhile there was a ton of fireworks going off behind her house in the park =( Very nice lady, very happy I brought her home... Sometimes people just don't think things through.

ALSO... ID tag would have made things so much easier!!!!!!


Sadly I do believe fireworks are outlawed, but seems people don't seem to obey😞 I wish it would/could be enforced.


Wow, welcome Airabelle and Clover....makes my heart skip a beat hearing about their first night at has just become a much happier one for these two. Thank you Carol for posting...I was waiting to hear.