Rescue Journal

it's a choice...

Carol  ·  Nov. 2, 2016

life is as simple as that...
every day, hundreds of times during each day, we make a choice.
and hundreds of choices made over hundreds or thousands of days, ends up becoming our life.

i don't see the point in blaming others. i see no point in pretending that we are each faultless.
we are the ones captaining our ships whether we made it to smooth or stormy waters.

believe it or not..i am not a feminist..i don't believe in feminism...i believe in me.
i am not equal because i am a woman. i am equal because i am a human being.
i am not special because i grew in white privilege, white privilege is just trappings, clothing that others see.
and i do see color, gender, religous and cultural similarities and differences.
to say i don't would be silly.
but what i see on the outside is just not that important to me.

good/bad...kind/cruel...right/wrong...truth/deceit. these simple things are the ones i try really hard to accurately see.

my choices may not shape the world but they certainly shaped me.

my choices, my life, my responsibility.

sometimes life seems so utterly complicated, but it's not..not really.



Wow, beautifully simple, yet so profound. I really like this post Carol. Thank you