Rescue Journal

we lost nacho today.

Carol  ·  Nov. 3, 2016

we have been able to manage his chronic stomatitis from his FIV for several years now. but last week was the first time the readjusting of his meds was unsuccessful in maintaining his comfort...we had all hit the end of the road with all of the options exhausted.

nacho wasn't all that happy with his dedicated medication regime, the staff have been worried for several months because he was starting to hide at his medication times. my feeling was oh well..he hates something for a minute or two twice a day BUT he feels significantly better so he can just bite the bullet and deal with life is 100% perfect! plus since i wasn't giving him meds, he wasn't the least bit shy about barging around my bathroom, trashing it for fun in the evenings whenever he got the chance. so i knew at night he was feeling well enough to make a totally unnecessary but apparently quite satisfying, mess!

he actually was a damn funny cat!

i do think we met our responsibility to him..we ensured every day he found comfort and dedicated care. our vets and our staff monitered him carefully, did everything they possibly could to keep him happy and well. and we were all on board and well prepared for when it was time to let him go.

rest in peace nacho..sweet and funny boy..the volunteers, staff and myself are truly honored to be part of your life and care.



Nacho was quite a character. This is him lounging in May. Yet another one missed :=(

Lenore Henry

This has been a difficult few weeks at Saints with the losses of Chloe, Chief, MeSu and now Nacho - they will all be missed.


Yes Nacho had personality and then some. No matter how bad he may have been feeling he was quick to give me the loudest purr and cheeky smile. My heart really did skip a beat every time I saw him. I know he made my heart happy, I hope I made his as well. I love you Nacho Cheese and will miss you. 😪💔


Got to know Nacho when he was in the med room. He was a cool dude and very sweet cat. Rest now Nacho, you will be missed.