Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 6, 2016

too tired for anything indepth but the crux of this weekend was...

zen was adopted by a wonderful home..complete with a german pincher sister named karma!
Zen and Karma

mae came back to saints today, she was adopted about 5 years ago but sadly her mom went into facility care.

kobe is also back at saints. his foster dad is moving to montreal and was planning on adopting kobe and taking him with him. sadly kobe now has cardiac disease and he totally flipped out and blew a gasket at being put in a crate..this made his long cargo airplane journey not really safe.

raven fell tonight going into his stall, looks like he is ok tho.

daisy did really quite well today, i think she is making great social progress....she still has a way to go tho.

luna has recovered and is back to jumping fences. she does prefer to be in my general vicinity in case anyone tries anything that is not the least bit funny again. they know i am watching them all like a hawk.

it wasn't a great weekend for me..over tired, stressed and not in a very good mood. hopefully things will settle down soon.



Lynne, I am sooo very sorry for what you are going through right now - I wish the very best for you both and if you need anything let me know. I just can't imagine....💕


i am so very sorry lynne, rough road ahead with chemo but don't lose hope, some cancers may not be curable, but many can be managed with treatment for quite a while.

Lynne arnason

Just a short comment my heart is breaking my husband Jon has leukaemia throughout his brain and body he will start treatment tomorrow but the outlook is not good icant imagine my life without him and not ever see him walking through our front door again he deserved so much more


Awesome news for Zen.......great that it's a home that understands the breed.
That is why Saints is a true rescue.....commitment for life!!! welcome back Kobe & Mae. Is Mae a little white dog??? 5 yrs ago & my memory....please post pic:-)


Saw the video of Zen and Karma ( amazing names...who could have planned that).... So cute...Yay Zen!
Sad for Kobe and Mae......but welcome back home sweethearts....nice to have backup for sure.


I do hope things settle out soon for you Carol! And thank god about raven!! Forgot to tell you too, got up close and personal with Chevy and he burped.... right in my face!! Wow - no words for that smell.