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animals have problems too.

Carol  ·  Nov. 12, 2016 dog jessie (the last of our waiting for admissions is in.) she is the young adorable wirehair JRT who got herself into big trouble while in Animal Control for biting a volunteer. there is no doubt that jessie is a prima donna who thinks she is boss of the world. but on a scale of 1 to 10 of asshole dogs, compared to oscar the grouch, she doesn't even make the asshole scale.
once we take care of her skin, her spay and her mammary tumor, she should be adoptable into a prima donna specialty home.

daisy is truly making some great progress. changing behaviors is not my forte so i asked leila to come out and see her. she thinks we are doing it ok..keeping daisy safe from making the wrong decisions while encouraging her to participate in positives interactions. seems to be working so far.

cindy is currently on our watch list..she has been struggling with various health issues since arrival. we have switched her meds yet again and now are waiting to see if she gets any significant results.

so while i said we are closed to admissions again..there are a couple of animals out on the periphery.
one is a cat whose family of ongoing indiscriminate breeding, i have been on and off dealing with for years. i managed to get most of his last 4 sets of various siblings, i managed to get mom and get her spayed and into perm. foster care and now finally i can get the last unneutered, very shy, now adult kitten, covered in fleas and full of worms and bring him into responsible care. whew...rescue is not just a one off thing..sometimes it is ongoing til you finally get to the end.

also there is a dog i am not sure what to do about..definitely sick, definitely loved, has had vet care for diagnostics but family can not afford the cost of his ongoing care. i thought about trying to do the perm foster thing where the family keeps him but we pay for the vet bills. however, there is a lot of reasons why this dog may not be able to stay with his family..the largest being that he is really sick and single mom works full time during the day and takes university courses at night so there is no one around to care for him for very long periods of time. they are coming to meet me today and i will try to help the family in formulating a plan.

so many sides to rescue.
so many animals with problems.....just like humans.


Amanda Sather

You are angels and the work you do means so much. Please remember you can only do as much as you can and keeping yourself sustainable is the only way. I say this just because I can sense the obvious feelings of dedication and love on your shoulders. Please take care of yourselves.