Rescue Journal

elvira passed away today

Carol  ·  Nov. 14, 2016

she crashed over the weekend, her kidney disease had progressed quickly. she had about 10 months here at saints and seemed happy and content. a few months ago i was complaining about both natcho and elvira barging into the bathroom and harassing me during my baths. both of them are gone now and baths aren't so fun anymore. elvira was a super sweet and fun little cat with personality plus.
i will miss you dear girl, rest in peace and thank you for sharing the last months of your life here with such genuine grace.



Curt, no there will not be a bake sale this year.... Possibly in the spring.


Off Topic, does anyone know if there will be a bake sale this year, and if so, who would be organizing it? Mom and friends want to know to possibly make contributions :=)

shelagh f

another example of how we shouldn't overlook black cats.
RIP Elvira


Yes Elvira was a very sweet girl! She always reminded me of Audrey Hepburn, looked like a delicate little one, but with a fun cheeky side. So happy that I got to spend a couple more days with Elvira. I will dearly miss this little girl.