Rescue Journal

growing steps.

Carol  ·  Nov. 20, 2016


last night was a giant bed cuddle fest...luna, june, mystic, pepper, daisy and boomer...even on a kingsized bed, we barely all fit. but there is something incredibly sweet about everyone snuggled up together...a trust in each other, a peaceable kingdom for at least a little bit. the dogs are always at their very best when i am in their center. and its not that i am anyone special except that they know i love them all.
and that is important to them.

it is interesting watching daisy become a soft and gentle girl. as soon as i opened my eyes up this morning she jumped onto the bed, stretched out next to me and started her new "i love you, good morning!" fest. tp watch her eyes switch from sideways glances full of suspicion to full out trust filled with love in only a few weeks is a gift. i was very nervous having her come here, her last brief visit brought several concerns. but here is the thing about animal rescue, you have to be willing to give them a chance to find their potential inside.

that dog has been afraid for most of her life. not that anyone was ever unkind to her but just that she was poorly socialized. june and luna taught me the incredible depth of hearts that live in fear. from them i learned that the dog you see, is not necessarily the dog you think.
daisy, luna and june all first learned to love me because they knew how much i loved them. and slowly they expand out their loving to include others who love them here...bit by bit, year by year.

bob, one of our volunteers is moving away and he sent us all this note today...
My time at SAINTS was short compared to so many other volunteers....I was only there a year, but it was a terrific experience.

Before today I was wondering what I would say in this note. I had an experience today that told me exactly what to say.

June avoided me from day one. I never got closer to her than about 10 feet. She would dart from me in horror. I tried all the tricks to get close. Nothing worked.

Today, minutes before I was to leave for the last time, I was in the barn with Allie and KO. I felt a paw brush up against leg
I looked around and there was June. She was looking at me doing the dog thing of lifting the front paw...the universal sigh granting permission to touch. I reached down and gave her ear a little scratch - the first and last touch. It could not have been a better send off.

Keep up this very important work. June (and all her buddies at SAINTS) appreciate it even if they don't tell you everyday, the way June told me today

i am so happy he got to receive june's trust and her blessing before he leaves.

love is something that grows.


Lynne arnason

June does not give her trust easily I am so happy for bob what a great sendoff good luck bob June must have sensed u were leaving and wanted u to have a warm goodbye you will be missed


That's awesome! I remember the first time June came to me too. Good luck in the future Bob!


So glad that Bob shared his and June's special moment with the rest of us....beautiful,...thank you