Rescue Journal

well....we are full, not taking in any more...

Carol  ·  Nov. 21, 2016

famous last words. not.
2 newbies in today...1 more on Wednesday.
saints welcomes "Red" a senior, homeless cat transferred from the SPCA. we actually had room for him in the mp communal so no big deal. he is a very nice old cat so i am glad we could help him out.

also coming in is ming...a 12 year old little shitz with dental and eye issues. his senior owner is in hospital and going into facility care. according to her friend, his senior mom has been frantic with worry because she could not find anywhere for ming to go. it truly sucks to be a sick senior who loves a senior dog that nobody wants. and again i am glad that we could squeeze a bit to help both her and him.

this last one who came in today was a bit of a tougher call. he is a big lab/heeler cross. he is only 6 years old AND he is a super sweet and nice dog. however he ruptured his cruciate and requires not only an expensive surgery but also 6-8 weeks confinement following while he heals from his surgery. he is a bouncing, active dog and his family felt they couldn't manage the surgery and the long confinement after care so he was in to one of our vets for euthanization.

arghhhh....another expensive surgery, another prolonged and labor intensive recovery, another big and not even middle aged yet dog who has a full and long life ahead of him...if our big buddy is any indication...this dog could have 10 years or more of happiness left to live.
how do you say no?
well if you are us don't.

saints welcomes riley, we will fix his leg, care for him while he heals and then find him a really great home.

man! how many animals are there out in the world that need a helping hand?
the answer is...millions upon millions.
how fucking sad.

thank god we won the brewery contest..we are going to need it. thank you all for voting for us, it is truly and greatly appreciated!
esp by riley, ming and red!



I would like you to know that Riley is very loved and will be very missed. Riley has been a part of our family for five years. My heart is broken.
We are going to give money to cover the cost of his surgery and would like to help in his recovery doing what ever we can.
I am so sorry we are not able to provide a safe place for Riley to have his surgery and recovery here but we could only see him getting further injured.
I wish Riley could have been fostered during his injury and recovery with help from us and when he was better come and live with us again but sadly that was not offered.
Please take care of Riley, we love him and wish only the best for him.