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Carol  ·  Nov. 22, 2016

sid is home. poor bugger lost 14 teeth, he feels like crap tonight. he does not even want to come out of the crate, he is not afraid, he just feels like shit. at 17 years old, it is a difficult recovery..however hopefully in a day or two he feels greatly improved without a bunch of rotten teeth in his mouth. hope floats the next couple of days go by quickly for him..he has 2 antibiotics and pain meds to help.
as badly as i feel for him, i try to keep it in perspective..simon lost 32 teeth, is just as old and recovered really well.
hopefully sid will too.

somethings i can't keep in perspective. sometimes i am as lost and afraid of impending loss as anyone else. june's blood work is back already and it is not good. last year when she almost died from a sudden gastric torsion, her pre-surgical blood work surprisingly revealed some early renal changes. over the past year her renal function has significantly deteriorated. as long as the kidneys are functioning at around 25% the kidneys manage to do their job and not much is seen on the bloodwork. once they slip below that 25% then they start having real problems. our vet sue said tonight that dogs do not do as well as cats in late renal disease and she was really sorry to tell me this. she said we can try some diet changes and phosphate binders but...
i know the but...she is going to leave anyway, it is just a matter of when.

i love my dogs as much as you love your dogs.just in the past dozen years since starting saints the losses of wilbur, bill, tally, copper, lexie, cleo, maudie, tyra, benny, daphne, and phoebe left as big a hole in me as losses leave in other people too. benny, daphne and june were supposed to be my younger dogs to help me thru tyra's loss. and they did. but then the years keep slipping by and one by one they too still die.
and one day soon it will be june.


Lynne arnason

I get u know how u feel in the last 10 years have lost so many dogs but w keep up n cause they need us have lost so many saints lost my sweet Thailand dog thinking copper Nikki Bambi blond buddy ceasar princess Murphy so many have passed in my care would not have it any different they r all special

Lynne arnason

I love June too she is a sweet dog once she warms up to you carol. Am so sorry

shelagh f

hi i was looking on the site for a possible cat for a friend
and I see Maggee is still in forster. he is adopted, he is mine all mine.
Thank you whoever fixes that

Janet Nicholson

so sorry to read about June's health. She is one of the extra special dogs - she has come such a long way since finding her home with you - my heart breaks for you Carol - but June has led a magical life since coming to S.A.I.N.T.S. and finding love with so many - let us all hope she continues to defy the odds for a very long time.


Omg....such sad news. So very sorry Carol. Well then, we focus on enjoying and loving June for the time she is still here, because that's what our hearts need to do, ....even thru tears.


This breaks my heart..I was hoping for good news on her blòod work. So sorry . She is such a special and kind dog. I cant picture SAINTS and weekends without her.