Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 22, 2016

red is settling well..he really would like out of his transition pen and get on with living life as fully as possible. we just have to get him viral tested and then we can let the old man free to spread his wings. he is a super nice cat!
riley is also doing great. he has joined clover and airabelle and is enjoying all of the various toys. riley is a super cuddle bug and all of us are enjoying giving him lots of cuddles and hugs!
oscar lost his private just didn't make sense to set up another one for clover, airabelle and riley 10 feet away. so we bought a little bit bigger one and mounted it to the wall so all of the dogs, including max can watch it if they want. and while oscar has lost his own personal tv, he still is getting to watch his favorite movie (underdog) every day. the other dogs are not complaining and it is 1000 times better than the sound of music because if i hear climb every mountain one more time, i swear i will jump off a cliff!

i totally screwed up this mornings vet run...i apparently have taken some kind of stupid pill. i got mo to help mo with the run because i was taking in three dogs..june, jessie, and may. except when we got to the clinic i realized i had june, jessie and kobe. PLUS apparently i was supposed to bring in sid for his dental but i had his dental written down for Dec 22 not Nov 22. ARGHHH! luckily mo ran home with kobe, grabbed may and sid and made it back to the clinic in time.
june had blood work to check her kidney function. jessie had her pre op exam and blood work for her spay and mammary tumor removal later this week. and may had her eye pressure re-checked (the meds are working the pressure is down!)
i will go back in around 5 pm to grab sid and bring him home, i just called and checked on him now but he is still kind of out of it.

tomorrow morning kobe goes him for his eye check and airabelle goes in for her spay, mammary tumor removal and front leg xray. i was really worried about clover being left alone over night but now that riley is with her maybe she won't be so upset..hope floats for this at least.

saints welcomes 2 new staff members to our ranks...Craig and Jackie...they have finished their trial shifts and survived and both are very eager to keep working here. YAY..the hiring headache is over and settled, life will soon be back to normal around here!

i just want to say that ricco is really an exceptionally nice dog. his skin has settled out, i think it was just a flea allergy (thank god!) so glad we were able to help him when he needed it most and now it is time to start looking for his perfect home, he is a very young 10 years old and is quite healthy and active....AND he really is a very good dog who deserves a very good home.

ricco doesn't need rescue any more, he just needs a his own very best friend to love and forever cherish him.
see how he runs!



What? Someone is going to bring the staff a box of chocolates so that a certain movie mysteriously goes missing? Whaaaaaaaaat

shelagh f

I was wondering if you would have to say something about that.
The weekend sounds like a perfect time for you to play that
video again, and again and again


Seriously, stomping all over The Sound of Music again. Not only is it a great, great movie but the dogs love it. Not to mention the cats are missing it.
Perhaps this weekend it needs to be played again....and again....and again.