Rescue Journal

lets be clear here...

Carol  ·  Nov. 24, 2016

as a rule, unless an animal is being totally neglected or abused for whatever reason where ever they are (and sometimes there are actual understandable reasons for neglect...human illness, loss of income, etc...) or unless an animal is up for euthanization because of a fixable/treatable/manageable problem...we don't take them. we say no. end of story. we are far too full, overworked, and overburdened to be taking in animals who have other options. saints is only for animals who are at immediate risk without other options.

we are not some kind of magical facility with money floating out of our ears that is able to provide warm and fuzzy service to pet owners for whatever they think is the magical perfect answer to the problem with their pets.
we don't go looking for animals...we don't scan craigslist, we don't scroll thru shelter sites looking for animals to take in. we are HAPPY when animals out there don't need us, when someone else is doing their best to look out for them.

so it pisses me off when once in a while, we are painted as the villians who misrepresents why the animals come to us. i try really hard not to blame families for the decisions they make but that does not mean we re-write history into some kind of fantasy. we will state the an animal ended up in the vets for euthanization for whatever reason..illness, injury, behavior, owners moving...whatever and we were called to see if we could take them.

i make no judgements on why the animal got there, and it does not concern me how much the animal was or was not loved.
my job is to say yes or no to saving that animals life. if i say no..i feel sad..if i say yes, i get our collective butts in gear to provide that animal with whatever it needs to happily survive.

i don't live by stories or excuses...when we fuck up, i say we fucked up, why we fucked up and use it as a lesson to not fuck up again in the future. it is not someone elses fault, there is no one to else to blame, it was not we were misunderstood or we did not understand.

animal sick or in cannot do whatever it is to reduce or repair sickness or pain, euthanization is now the only solution until someone calls saints.
if we become the solution and animal gets to live..please be nice and fair and refrain from making us out to be the bad guys in this.



what is really irritating is when vet visit and euthinazation is left out of the rewritten story


I would think that there would just be gratitude to you that the pet's life was saved.

In the end, that is the most important thing. Thank you, SAINTS for all you do.