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soul sucking rescue

Carol  ·  Nov. 24, 2016

i swear to god... lately between nursing and rescue, i feel like my soul is being sucked out thru my eyeballs!

airabelle is home from the vets...she bled a lot during her spay surgery..her poor over bred uterus has been way over worked! anyway because she bled a lot, it was not safe to try to continue on and remove her mammary tumors. we will give her a couple of months of recovery time and then send her back in to remove them.
erin said clover was beside herself with joy at airabelle's return.

jessie went off for her spay and mammary tumor removal today. she will not be returning to saints. one of our previous adopters (of pumpkin) has decided to adopt jessie! jessie's new mom works at a vet clinic and currently is also in school to upgrade to vet tech. so she is right on board with picking jess up from the vets tomorrow and taking her home to recover.
yay miranda and jessie!!
chicklet is very glad that jessie is gone so she can have back her laundry room bed!

riley is booked for his surgery early next week. arghh..6 weeks of keeping him calm, keeping him confined, keeping him from wrecking the implants like miley. i already can't wait til the 6 weeks is done!

we already lost one of the new staff members, someone did not show up for work today.
another whatever...we will just carry on.

new washing machine is being a dick head. apparently it is not draining properly. i am wondering if the drain hose is plugged...would not be surprised considering all the crap and hair that goes thru the laundry. i think we have a plumbing snake somewhere around here..hoping someone can snake out the washing machines drain. not so subtle hint for someone to volunteer?

speaking of volunteering...we are ready to start putting the 2 tents things back up..kevin has gotten all the needed prep stuff done so looking for some folks to help with that too!

and this is why saints is such a soul sucker..there is always so freaking much left to do!!!


Debbie & Wayne

Hi there. We live not too far from you. If the washer is still not working perhaps my hubby ( who is an aircraft mechanic) but I call him McGyver because he fixes everything, can take a look this weekend. Let me know, as I have never been up yet but donated to the bakesale last year and also have a few donations. Hang in there!


If it is a front load machine and is leaking from underneath like mine did, the tech said to run a tub clean load once a wk w/ a tablespoon of bleach. Havent had a prob since. Needs to get cleaned. ☺


Geez I thought we were just eyeball we are soul suckers too :-)
Yay for Jessie, such a great dog....may her spirit soar!!