Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 30, 2016

i am on afternoon shifts..i leave here just after 10am and get home just after 9pm...not too much into blogging in between.

normal news...
ricco is out on a trial to adopt..waiting to see if his new K9 sisters will accept him.
sid pretty much also has a home but he won't be going yet for a couple of weeks.
lil tyke is venturing out but is still a wee bit pissed.
riley is settling in ok and has his knee surgery next week.

as an aside, in rescue we sometimes judge families for what they do or don't do with their pets, esp. when it comes to surrenders. however, we really don't know what goes on in the inside of other people's lives that lead to various decisions. i think it is only fair to share that this week, riley's family dropped off at our vets a new bed, bowl and $1000 cheque towards his upcoming surgery. i will say that this is a first for us and we were somewhat surprised. i know that many of the animals that come here, sometimes come from homes where they were loved and sometimes loving someone is not just enough. i feel sad for both riley and his family who obviously loved him and all i can say is that sometimes life is what it is and it simply sucks. anyway, i am glad riley is still alive, i am glad he is getting his surgery and i am glad his family has done their best to help him.

red has also settled in well...he uis a pretty chill old guy!
missing new staff member has returned, it was a misunderstanding/miscommunication..moving forward from here.
clemantine had a massive dental yesterday, many abscessed teeth plus a mammary tumor removed.
the pathology is back on jessie's tumors, they are benign. i called her new mom yesterday, it was great news. and jessie is doing great in her new home too!

thug news
my bathrobes are now bathrobes with very many holes because the dogs who live near them are assholes.
daisy bit new returning/previously missing staff person on the leg yesterday so just a reminder to all not to relax the rules cuz daisy still bites.
plus pepper poked me in the eye with her foot as soon as i woke up this morning..i am pretty sure she was sitting there just waiting to do it.
geezer had renee call me at work last night to remind me that his milk jug is getting dangerously low. geezer is a milk addict. i guess i am going shopping before work.
my car is still in the shop..might get it back by the end of the week, not that i am that impatient to have to pay the repair bill.

2 more afternoon shifts to go..can't wait til they are over...maybe i will blog more!



I think Santa may have heard about your holey bath robes....he has quite an extensive grapevine..
Such great news for Jessie Sid and Rico....just in time for Christmas,... and poor Clementine....hope she feels better soon.


Red is a great cat, totally in love with him. However I do have a soft spot for the orange guys.