Rescue Journal

saints sometimes make you weep

Carol  ·  Dec. 2, 2016

rescue is can make you get weepy for all kinds of reasons...some of them good, others quite sad. but tears become a frequent issue on many days.

really nice update on ricco this morning..looks like he is settling well. usually it is just one simple sentence or statement in a long email that gets me and i know they see the heart of our boy. he will be fine and i will never need to worry about him again. it makes you blink back tears of joy.

our beloved chicklet went off to a permanent foster home today. when you see them wrapped with instant acceptance and protective love in their new families arms and you know the wait was worth it...sometimes to hold back the happy tears you just have to turn away.

erin called me and apologized, she took in a new dog without my ok. old wrecked dog and desperate tearful senior standing in our driveway and of course she said yes. when i got home tonight gulliver was quite anxious.... circling, panicking, walking thru food and water bowls in the laundry room. i picked him up, cuddled and kissed him, whispered to him that he is ok and then set him down in the kitchen with the other guys. gulliver is old, blind and wobbly, he has had a hard time of it lately..makes you want to weep for all senior people and animals who are the ones in the end that have to lose the ones that they love best.

chris, our lovely turken chicken, died without warning today. she was up and around and totally normal and then a few hours later, kevin found that she had passed away.

shawn has lost choque, the last of the 2 llamas she was fostering for saints. these innocent girls were just too old and set in their ways and were unable to weather the storm of re-homing, both are together now, hopefully wandering peaceful pastures together where ever farm animals go when they pass away.
deep condolences to shawn and kevin, and to cheryl who loved them deeply as well.
rest in peace choque, you were a beautiful and stately girl.



Oh Shawn.....I'm so sorry about and Kevin did everything right ...sometimes there's just no reasoning. So pleased for Ricco and Chicklet....and good on ya Erin for taking in little Gulliver. I hope he is able to settle in soon..poor guy. Gulliver's travels are over now...welcome little one!...and Chris, hope you're where all good chickens go.


So sorry Shawn, Kevin and Cheryl. I never met Choque, but you must be heartbroken to lose him. Sad to lose Chris as well. Welcome Gulliver, don't worry, you're surrounded by love at Saints!


Welcome Gulliver!! How sad he just dropped there. And sad to hear about Chris.