Rescue Journal

another one of those days...

Carol  ·  Dec. 4, 2016

which was actually kind of nice. i spent most of my day sitting on my butt (with a few up and at em's that had to be done.)

saints welcomes "sammy"..he is not an actual "saint" tho..more like a new staff member. i saw sammy on one of the hobby farm facebook sites..a 5 yr old healthy cat looking for a barn home. he was a mostly indoor cat who had taken up spraying..hence the attempt to find him a good farm kind of home. i am sure sammy could have found a really good farm type home but then i thought hmmmm..... we are having a bit of a mouse problem in the shop lately so why not have sammy join us here. it is a definite step up above living in a barn, shit, the little guy would have his very own heated, fully furnished suite complete with an electric firepace and a little TV. and for entertainment, maybe he could discourage little furry rodent things.
anyway sammy arrived at 0800 this morning..good thing he did not go to a barn because once his owners left, he got pretty upset and hid under the bed. with a great deal of time, patience and sucking up that took up almost all of the day...he is out from under the bed but now behind the fridge. which is ok because he is coming out for petting and loves but he goes back into hiding after awhile. so far he is refusing to eat..i have tried all kinds of yummy cat food and finally went out and bought him a freshly roasted chicken. but he is still too upset to think about food.
given his sensitivity to finding himself in a very cute and comfortable suite with folks bending over backwards to help him feel comfortable..i am thinking coming here was a much better option for him than a barn would have been. we will go to any and all kinds of somewhat insane measures to ensure that sammy finds real happiness in his new home.
take a deep breath sammy...i know you are worried and a little bit afraid but i promise you things will feel much better soon.
(and even if you suck at mouse discouragement, we will love you forever and really won't care!)

saints also welcomes kahlua who suddenly appeared in our driveway early this afternoon. she is a 12 year old sweetie whose owner passed away about 6 months ago. she has been living with one of the tenants for the past while. but sadly the existing family cat has continuously been picking on her and beating her up. she has lost some weight and was living in fear so her new temporary family thought it would be better to bring her here. she is tiny, skinny and adorable...and unlike sammy who is on a hunger strike...she, bless her heart, immediately started to chow right down!
i LOVE cats who will partake of a feast when their world turns upside down!!!

little lost gulliver is doing ok as long as he has a human within reach. let him sleep up beside you, or held in your arms, or sit or lay on your feet and he is perfectly fine. but as soon as he feels himself alone or out of contact with a human...he circles and circles, bumping in to walls and doors, falling over or into food and water bowls. i was hoping to have him settled before i go back to work tomorrow but that hasn't happened yet. it utterly sucks to be an old and blind little dog trying to make sense of an alien world.

i can and will love every animal who comes into our care..but honest to god, i absolutely DREAD the first few days of the newbies.



The first few days of having a newbie really does suck!! Animals are such creatures of routine. Bailey absolutely destroyed my bathroom the first week of having her... My boys are crated when we are away and I didn't want her to have run of the house so I plopped her bed, food and water in the bathroom when I was at work. She tore apart my baseboards and trim. Finally figured out after a week that she just wanted to be with the boys so bought her a little crate, plopped her beside theirs, and she's now happier than a pig in shit! Who says you cant teach old dogs new tricks... I just crate trained a 10 year old palliative Shitzhu! She now happily runs to and waits in her create when brekky and dinner are being served haha


I only left because I had to get home and put the movie on for my cats.


It was a good day today. Always nice to see the animals happy and comfortable.
The new guys in the MP room got to see The Sound of Music, and seemed to quite enjoy it, but then again who doesn't. Perhaps Sammy would like to see that movie, it might help him relax and feel more at home.


Bless these new ones and I hope the next week or so goes quickly and they can find the peace that is there waiting for them..transition is heartbreaking.