Rescue Journal

why didn't the duck cross the road?

Carol  ·  Dec. 5, 2016

this question will forever haunt me.

today while i was working, i came across a domestic duck just sitting right in the middle of a busy road.
yikes, dumb duck!
so i pull over and walked over to her and she got up and crossed the road.
i spent the next 10 minutes trying to catch her but i was late for my next client and my bladder was already bursting and chasing after a wayward duck in a wet and snowy field with dress shoes and a full bladder is pretty damn stupid!
the damn duck won and i left her to it.

once back onto the road, i saw a lame and mangy coyote about 50 feet away.
shit! was he hunting that damn duck? and had she decided the middle of a busy road was the safest place to be when a lame and mangy coyote was in the vicinity?
arghhh. i was late..and i really needed to pee.
i knew that damn duck could fly because she kept flying away from me.
i felt bad going on but that damn duck was faster and smarter than me.

when i headed back into town from seeing my client, i looked for the damn duck and the lame coyote and couldn't find either one.
so i am hoping the duck outsmarted the coyote but i also felt bad cuz the coyote was lame and mangy and sadly probably needed a good meal.

but please god not that damn duck who hopefully was smarter and faster than me AND the lame and mangy coyote.

rescue sucks.



I enjoyed reading this article. Simple yet eloquent. Nature has a way of figuring things so maybe the duck just was smarter than us all. Evolution!

Leila Kullar

Laura, ass**** driver. Would it have really hurt him to slow down and go around. Dick.


This brings back my duck rescue this year..... a group of ducks were crossing the road and some loser just plowed through......a couple were killed, a couple made it across and 1 was injured. A friend and I called Elizabeth's Wildlife Center in Abbotsford, the rescuer Elizabeth Melnick is amazing! She got us to take the duck to Coastal Rivers Pet Hospital for evaluation. I didn't think the duck would survive, but luckily I was proven wrong.....after vet care the duck went back to Elizabeth's for recovery. Carol I hope your duck survived as well :-)


Oh Carol, you paint a great visual picture. ....reminds me of the coyote and roadrunner series on Bugs Bunny. Remember?......the coyote and roadrunner somehow continue to live...hopefully this is the case with the duck and coyote you saw today.