Rescue Journal

tears from heaven

Carol  ·  Dec. 7, 2016

i found myself blinking back tears a few times today.
it was a regular kind of day..petty annoyances, soul moving moments..a typical day of a 58 yr old rescuer/nurse.

i was kind of over the teariness when i finally headed home. i started becoming introspective as i relived some of the various yin and yang moments.

i think universally as humans, we live microscopically tiny lives. we put ourselves at the center and we live as barely a speck of a dot thru out our entire lives.

and i think it is not until at the very edge of our own mortality, when we are stripped bare of all of our illusions, all of our delusions, all of our dess up's and playacting, all of our self indulgent dishonest things...that we finally see how tiny and inconsequential our life really seems.

i think at that moment is when we actually grow big..the moment when we finally open our eyes, our hearts, our minds and our souls to what we had been missing.

we finally cherish a single breath, the solemn and steady drum of our heart beat, the beautiful sound of a loved one laughing. a soft gentle touch becomes a silent river of love and suddenly the infinite universe inside us expands.

when i walked into the house tonight, i looked up into the sky. and i realized how tiny and inconsequential i was compared to the moon and stars and the other billions upon billions of human and animal lives that surrounds me.

and i felt the comforting arms of acceptance gently hug is the tiniest things in cherishing living that help us grow into something big...a single breath, a heart beat..the sound of a loved one laughing...

there is joy inside sadness and sadness inside joy and that is the beauty in living.
(freya: blind, deaf and joyfully living.)


Lenore Henry

Thanks Carol for such a lovely truly have a gift with words.


Beautiful post made me cry and I think most people would agree with me that your personal paw print is a little larger than most.