Rescue Journal

we are on the final count downs of many that we have deeply loved.

Carol  ·  Dec. 9, 2016

as a gift to tomorrow's snow bunny warriors...i have finally finished up ALL of the house and shop laundry..ok well the last loads are in the machines so i can go to bed now. but i am leaving you with empty baskets to start off tomorrow!
i am a freaking laundry queen!

frozen shop pipes suck.

kahlua, the new ancient cat's blood work is back. she is in end stage kidney failure. we have started her on some kidney support meds, hope she feels ok for a little while yet.

i thought at first we had gotten some really good news on june and for a moment my heart soared...her re-check on her kidney values after her new diet and kidney support meds was way better.
there was a 50% reduction in her out of whack kidney values and her phosphate which was really high was back to normal and she put back on that 5 pounds she lost. so i thought oh thank god! maybe she will be with us for quite a long a year or two or shit, why not three! but then i just had to ask the vet, so hey! what are we looking at for time now?! and he said..hmmm, kidney disease is much worse in dogs than it is in cats....maybe she has a couple of months left.
fuck. broken heart again.

i finally got over to check on little tyke and he is doing much better. still a bit hissy but seems like he is getting comfortable finally.
we pulled sammy out of the suite and brought him over to the house. he was not really settling in over there, we think he was lonely.
little gulliver has many health issues..obviously his blindness and severe arthritis but it also looks like he has cardiac problems. the vet wants him back in for an xray next week.
sweet newbie ruby is aan absolute doll. she is settling in well, no seizure activity. she is booked for her spay and is currently asleep on the couch with oreo. ruby likes to play with snowballs!

so besides the bad news on june and kahlua, i just want to give folks a heads up...

big bu8ddy is really aging in the past few weeks...kassa blanka's back end is getting really weak..and we are starting to have real concerns about cheyenne's quality of life. while we seem to be holding her chronic bladder infection in hand with long term baytril..her spine is really starting to twist badly now. and sadly the same is happening to tiny nicki..her neck is so badly twisted is going to start causing her real problems.
old age and kidney and spinal disease all also suck.


Linda Ciccozzi

Don't give up on June......not yet! kassa was frolicking in the snow like a happy pup...Cheyenne was so happy when I brought a bucket of snow into the house and started to play fetch and other games with her while the other dogs were outside playing. Ruby is just a sweet girl. I had her out to the bathroom on leash as the barn dogs were out. Then later I let the house dogs out...Ruby sat looking at me saying well I was already I have permission....omg..such a lovely beautiful girl. Tiny Nicki needs a whole lot of lovin and cuddling...sweet baby. Big buddy makes me worry some weeks but then he perks up again....he is just a wonder and he loves you so much Carol that he has made a pact with himself to never leave❤️❄️☃️


Ok, sorry guys but snow is still piling up here, and the forecast is showing a snowfall alert with possibility of freezing rain for tomorrow continuing, so I will not be coming in the am.....really sorry...hope the weather is better elsewhere and folks can get in.


My heart hurts reading of the upcoming losses . June gave me great head butts through my legs today and I could have cried .


Hi house volunteers, I am planning/hoping to come to Saints in the morning (Sun) but we have about 16 inches of snow already, and still snowing here in Hope, so will have to see how the roads are in the am. I know the Christmas get together is cancelled for tomorrow evening too, which I think is a wise decision Ann. I will post in am if not safe to drive to Mission.


Awe sweet June bug......I know you are doing renal support food and meds, but have you also looked into Grapefruit Essential Oils?