Rescue Journal

Sunday volunteers

Ali  ·  Dec. 11, 2016

Good morning Sunday volunteers! Carol just called me on her way to work and stave is ok to drive up but Dlugosh is not. The snow is very heavy so the street and driveway are hard to manage. If you can get a ride up and get dropped off it would be best but if you need a lift from mid way up Stave - at the school or the complex with the Mac's store please call my cell (number is at the top of the volunteer schedule) and we will try to pick people up at 8:45.

Also there is no water so if you are able to bring a couple of jugs from home it would be helpful



Have seen this video many times in the past Curt.....still makes me smile....
So sorry I couldn't make it today to Saints...really wanted to be there glad some folks were able to help out.

shelagh f

that is hilarious. sounds like a tough day at Saints today for those
who made it. Nice to have a laugh


I know this isn't related to any of the daily events but, when I saw this and heard where the item came from, I thought that Carol could relate to what the lady is showing