Rescue Journal

the beast within.

Carol  ·  Dec. 13, 2016

the reality of technology is we now live in the whole wide world and not just in our own barren or comfortable corners.
i don't believe a human being can love and truly care for vulnerable and unhappy animals and not be moved to tears about what is happening in syria today..women and children being shot dead in the streets as their murderers completely divest themselves of any semblance of humanity.

i work in human suffering, i work with people facing the end of their lives. i see courage and bravery in the face of impending death. there is so much beauty in the human race.
and yet we live in a world too full of diseased souls who willingly seek to cause others pain.

i saw a video on the internet today of a group of men who snuck up behind an innocent woman in the states and kicked her down a full flight of cement stairs. i guess she was lucky she only broke her arm.
but the utter cowardly and callous cruelty of that split second act..stunned me.

when did we start to de-evolve? when did free will become free reign?

how can we ever achieve a world where animals are treated with compassion and respect, when human life is treated with such a ruthless disdain?

there is a cancer in the human race that is growing and spreading.
it is feeding on 2 unquenchable human traits...greed and fear.

it is madness.

we need to stop. we need to be kind. we need to stand strong and refuse to be sucked into the vortex of mindless hate.

and we need to be honest that inside us all lies a beast of unspeakable rage that seeks to be set loose to ravage those with whom we are at odds.

humanity does not have to be of only one voice or of only one mind. we can disagree, we can choose to believe and live differently. we can live peacefully in all kinds and ways in diversity.
we can love all forms of animals and all forms of our fellow mankind too.

all we have to do is have respect for life and respect for ourselves.



I totally agree that it's hard to look at the dreadful things in the world and keep going. But I also think there are two things to remember. Evil and brutality has always been out there, and now because of the media, it seems more present. And the great number of people doing GOOD work - like you guys - is, unfortunately, not news. But it's vital to the people and creatures it affects. We can only do the best we can do, and hope the ripple spreads outwards.



I can't even keep that evil in my thoughts for long - the despair renders me helpless. I have purposefully made my world smaller lately so I can function. There has always been evil - but when did evil get to be accepted/okay? I have The Paradoxical Commandments where I can see them every day - it helps. Gosh, the more I see of the whole world, the sadder life becomes. . .if there was only a way I could really help.

Ellen Nickerson

Right on. My heart weeps for Syria. Where is the rest of the world.?