Rescue Journal

down days

Carol  ·  Dec. 14, 2016

feeling kinda low tonight..

...all the horrible stuff going on in the world.

...all of the animals cold and suffering in our area without a decent home.

on a personal car is finally fixed but it was way more to repair than i was anticipating so i am bummed about that.

the cold is an issue because the pipes are still frozen in the shop. this means there is a ton of left over laundry each day because one machine just can't get it all thru. i am so done with flipping loads and folding big piles of laundry late into the night.

whatever..there are more worrisome things going on here,...

kahlua is not doing well, her advanced kidney disease is pulling her down. we are going to try to increase her fluids and see how she does, but she does have a euth. appointment booked in a couple of days if nothing works to help her feel ok so we don't risk a crises for her on a weekend.

we have finally decided that cheyenne's quality of life has significantly deteriorated since her horrible bladder infection and bleeding episode, it has taken her strength and any sense of real fun from her. while we seem to have the urinary issues under control, we have not been able to increase her overall strength nor prevent the twisting of her spine from her parapalegia. she is not able to use her wheelchair anymore and her increasing unhappiness and frustration due to her disabilities and immobility is heart breaking. the vet is coming tomorrow to help cheyenne pass peacefully from home. we have reached the point where we are unable to help her further except to let her gently go. today and tomorrow one of the staff is on one to one duty for cheyenne.... treats, bones, cuddles, playing games. and today while she enjoyed the almost whole day of extra fun and one on one attention..her frustration really did not seem to go down very much. so sadly i think we are making the right decision for her...but it totally sucks.



Oh Cheyenne - such a gorgeous dog and lovely soul. We'll all miss her. Sorry to hear about Kahlua as well.

shelagh f

how sad, but quality of life is important. Tough day for all
the staff and all those who grown to love her and her funny
little bark.

Lenore Henry

We will miss you so much Cheyenne - forever in our hearts..

Owen and Lenore


Tough decision to make but take comfort from the thought that you gave her a lot of joyful days before this point.


I've been expecting, but dreading this news re Cheyenne....Carol you always have to make such heart breaking, but necessary decisions; and Cheyenne is lucky to have your integrity and love as the basis of this last decision re her quality of life. Thank you....
She is a very special girl...and I will miss her.