Rescue Journal

and there was a third death today...

Carol  ·  Dec. 15, 2016

but i do not know her name. she was a little stray cat who had moved into someone's garage a couple of months ago with a large wound on her face. The family took her to a vet a couple of times and he sutured up the wound but it just kept breaking open again. they called today and said the cat needed to see a vet again the wound was open and draining, they really were unable to keep her and did not have any more money to pay for more vet care either. they had called the local cat rescue but they were too full and said she would need to go on a waiting list. they phoned one of the SPCA shelters but they were closed.

so i said ok, take her down to our vets and we will take her here. the clinic found an old, dead end, untraceable tattoo from 1998, which made this poor old homeless girl at least 18. the wound on her face was a large open and draining tumor that had infiltrated her jaw and her ear canal. she was in pain. it was far too late for surgery. i asked the vet for her advice and she felt there was little to be done to ease her suffering except to let her go. so i said ok, again, to euthanization and this little nameless, homeless ancient one was helped to peacefully pass.
rest in peace little one, i am so sorry your end of life was not with your own family surrounding you with love.


Lori Paul

Thank you for taking on the hopeless cases Carol, if only to ease them little cat, your suffering's over. May the holiday season bring you and the SAINTS crew more joy and less heartache. :)

shelagh f

I think that sort of sums up the philosophy of Saints, or the way I
see it anyway. RIP everyone.