Rescue Journal

cheyenne is free.

Carol  ·  Dec. 15, 2016

cheyenne passed very peacefully away at home today.

if i am to be honest, i have to say i am relieved. i have been questioning her quality of life for quite a while. i think i felt we should have let her go back when she was bleeding so badly.
i was fully expecting a diagnosis of bladder cancer and was taken back when that was not found with her ultrasound. i thought ok, a bladder infection, even a really bad one, we can deal with that. but i did not take into account what all of that blood loss and the stubbornness of the infection itself would mean to her in the long term. and it basically meant that she de-compensated and lost the physical strength that she needed to live life fairly well.

cheyenne was totally unaware that anything bad or scary was happening. the vet came and gave her some sedation that immediately put her right to sleep. we sat with her and petted her and chatted about various things. and i think as she fell asleep, she was comforted in the every day sounds of "normal-ness" surrounding her.

we are all going to miss her. her little paralyzed dog corner feels empty and barren now.

but i truly believe that we actually set her free of that weakened and crippled body that frustrated her so.

i am sorry if i should have made this decision sooner, and i hope her incredible and indomitable spirit is soaring free now.

rest in peace cheyenne, you touched many hearts in your time with us.


Lynne arnason

You were truly a beauty I'm glad I got to know you run free sweetheart


Thanks so much to Carol and Saints great staff for being there everyday for for our special girl. You did everything possible to make Cheyenne's life happy. Now she runs free....RIP


Rest peace Cheyenne. And when you cross the Rainbow Bridge tell The Babe, Cali and Millie I miss them every day.

Owen Henry

Cheyenne was a pleasure to be with on Sundays.

You called out to me when you saw me coming in the door on Sunday mornings and I knew you had to be the first to get greeted and the first to be walked. (Now, where was the wheelchair, harness, ball and leash??) Even when I got the harness messed up you never fussed or complained but lay there patiently while I figured it out and everything was set to go. You were always up for a run out the gate, down the street and into the park for a game of fetch the stick or chase the ball. It didn't matter what it was you just loved to play.

I remember the first time Carol helped me place the harness on took a while but when all was set to go we walked down the driveway and on to the road and off we ran, so fast that I could hardly keep up. I will always remember that first run down the street and how we bonded as time went on. I am grateful for the time we shared together. You were a great loving creature and will never be forgotten by me and everyone at Saints.

Rest in peace.

Owen Henry