Rescue Journal

kahlua passed away yesterday

Carol  ·  Dec. 17, 2016

she came here too late for help with her advanced kidney disease. i didn't know her well, only spent a couple of brief moments checking on her and saying hi in the couple of weeks she was here. it was erin who was her primary caregiver and knew her best. but even in those brief encounters during a couple of really busy work weeks...i knew she was a super sweet cat. i am sorry she got here too late and i am sorry i didn't spend more time with her. sometimes even i forget how precious and unpredictable is time. erin held her as she passed peacefully away and kahlua knew she was in the arms of a friend who loved her.
rest in peace sweet girl.



Wow, lots of special ones got their wings this week.....hope the losses stop now.
House Volunteers: Well, here we go again.... Snow already starting in Hope, and up to 20 cm coming, with freezing rain tomorrow. So, I'm going to say now that I will not be in very disappointed....but there's no controlling the weather. (I wish)
I hope it's better in other areas and lots of folks show up. I'm so sorry....

Lenore Henry

So many sad losses this week - all who have passed are at peace now....