Rescue Journal

rescue is yucky and not always fun.

Carol  ·  Dec. 21, 2016

we were all up early today because anne and sheila are off to do a TV spot on Global with little buddy and kobe. it think it airs around 0715 this morning. i won't see it because i will be on my way to work.
it was supposed to be mae and gulliver originally but mae has a sore ear and gulliver has a sore back and neither ones feels well enough for an adventure of several hours to get in and out of vancouver this early in the day.

poor, poor ruby had her spay yesterday, she feels like crap. she is one of those highly sensitive dogs who think spaying totally sucks! the good news is once she recovers, we are pretty sure she has a great home with one of our previous long term foster homes..yay ruby!!

i spent almost 8 hours yesterday xmas baking for my family. who'd have thought that standing around in the kitchen for that many hours would have made me literally crawl into the house at the end of the day? thankfully a double dose of advil AND tylenol ES AND a really hot bath, AND a decent nights sleep and i am good to go to work today...whew. dodged that baking frenzy bullet!
and no i did not bake here...gross! i baked at my old kitchen which is now my ex's kitchen and despite the crippled outcome, baking there worked out great.

we finally got over the frozen pipe shit and i thought oh yay no more doing double laundry duty at night. but when i got home, anne informed me that the shop washer is broken so both buildings laundry are back over here again.
excuse my language but fuck.

i will call my friendly appliance dealer when they open this morning and hopefully they will deliver a replacement early today if i promise to to try to get off early and pay at the end of the day.
i am more than done doing 10 loads of laundry every freaking single night.

but here is the crappy part about rescue...the shit hits the fan, murphy's law takes over, everything goes wrong when it should be going right and everyone just has to take a deep breath and deal with it the best that we can. i have learned over the years that whining helps reduce the resentment when crappy shit happens here. whining stops me from jumping into never ending bottles of wine, bailey's or beer!

frozen pipes, unplowed frozen driveways, broken washers, slugging thru wet, heavy, slippery ice and snow to carry water and laundry or push overloaded wheelbarrows to and goes with the territory for winter caring of displaced and unwanted animals...(have i said recently that our staff and volunteers are winter weather heroes!?)

but it will get even worse when the snow and ice finish melting and the resulting flooding of field and yards and the gawd awful clean up on 120 animals now stormed buried poop starts peeking out.

oh my freaking gawd i can see the sloppy mess in my imaginative mind now..
one word only ...

(only with an "F".)


Lenore Henry

Great job Anne and Sheila on Global this morning - even Little Buddy and Kobe were shining stars!

Lynne arnason

Yes it sucks I could have taken some laundry home will be up there soon