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saints wish for happy holidays

Carol  ·  Dec. 25, 2016

i think the holidays are a time when we all remember the dreams of our childhood. the perfectly appointed decorations, the fire burning warmly in the hearth, the table of feasts surrounded by our happy families...the dream is beautiful. and so every year we try to re- capture that distant dream of our pasts. maybe it was real back then or maybe it was just a wish but we all still want it again.

tis the season for giving...and receiving.

we give gifts and we hope to receive feeling happy and good.

on this christmas morning folks will be leaving their families, putting their dinner preparations and gift giving on hold. they will be out at saints cleaning barn stalls, tossing thru urine soaked laundry, shoveling clean shavings for the bunnies. they will be slogging back and forth carrying heavy bags of cat litter and dog food.
on this christmas morning, they will leave here cold and smelly to return to the real holiday world and the animals will wax in the comfort of the care they received thru out the afternoon.

to them christmas day is like every other day except there are gifts and treats for all of them too.

the saints animals have something that so many others do not have...a home and a family who come here to share the happiness of giving, of sharing, of caring..of receiving the gift of the human potential for doing good.

is holidays..really holy days and is the true meaning of holy really about religon or just plain old fashioned goodness?

happy and safe holidays to all who inhabit this world...every day

and may 2017 bring all of us, the very best of mankind's potential for goodness.



OH Sheila, this made my day. I love Magee..Dressing is the best part of the meal....mine were all sitting in the kitchen with noses pointed at the oven today. Glad you were able to salvage the turkey and enjoy the feast. Merry Christmas!


Love this, Sheila. Definitely a memorable Christmas moment to be enjoyed for years to come.

shelagh f

Magee would like to share his story of his best Christmas ever.
Not knowing his history, I still think this would rank in the top 2.
We were going to have an early Christmas dinner, lots of activity
and 2 extra dogs in the house. I got the turkey ready a bit early
and put it, stuffed out on the front porch on a bench.. Cold enough for a short
while, and no room in the fridge. Put the dogs out for a while,
Magee being the senior, had to babysit the junior dogs. Dora said,
its too cold, I'll catch the next shift outside. Busy cooking and then,
Oh, yah, the dogs. I find the turkey on the cement, stuffing all over
the deck, and everyone smelling of sage and poultry seasoning.
Turkey untouched, dusted it off, and scooped out a bit of dressing,
and popped it in to the oven. Magee, was so happy, he had had
a great score, with only his nose to guide him. I know it was him,
but like he must have said, What is she going to do? Just say,
Oh Magee, and
give me a cuddle. It was worth it, and he is looking forward to
next Christmas. The turkey and stuffing were great. (I didn't share
this with my guests. )