Rescue Journal

life is good.

Carol  ·  Jan. 7, 2017

there reaches a point in life and rescue where sometimes you just gotta go with the flow. i find that is especially true in times of stress when it feels like everything is piling up and log jamming into a giant mess.
but really, its is just individual headaches, heartaches, challenges, and frustrations and if you tighten up and start to freak out, you end up feeling overwhelmed.

so this week i just let it go and dealt with one issue at a time, (if i had any control) and let the other stuff fix itself. the water is unfrozen, both washing machines are working, i finished up a few weeks of staffing schedules, my car is finally fixed properly, i paid that (ouch!) and a few other bills. with a couple of adoptions and sadly a few deaths, our animal numbers and mixes are pretty good right now and no area feels too overfull or stressed. the freezing cold and ice is still a problem and that is hard on the outside barn volunteers and staff, and salt is in short supply which totally sucks, and we have to be careful to keep the faucets dripping so we don't let the water lines freeze up again. but little by little, things are sorting themselves out, one by one. and some of this shit is getting better.

you know...we write story lines in our heads..."oh my gawd, everything is so utterly awful, i wish i was dead!" or...."ok, this kind of sucks, what can or can't i do to try to make things better?"...or even my story line this week..."this too shall pass and tomorrow is a brand new day."
and we believe the story lines that we constantly write so i asked myself..."why are you writing stories that are so upsetting?, why not write a story line that makes you feel ok?"

and here i am..the animals were all really well cared for by staff and volunteers today. i shared some cookies and cuddles with a bunch of furry beasts when i got home from work today. now every one is sleeping, except gulliver who is calling and i will go and get him for a couch cuddle as soon as i am done writing.
the house is warm and clean and dry. the animals are content. we have food in the cupboards and money in the bank and there is no laundry waiting for me to shove thru.
hip hip hurray!!!

so my story tonight is..things are actually pretty freaking good.

and now it is gulliver's turn to write his happy bedtime story...Indiana Jone's playing in the background and a cuddle on the couch to finish off a fairly decent day.


Ellen Nickerson

I am still working on the wind chime for Aggie. It is a lousy time of the year to purchase wind chimes and I haven't seen the right one yet. My heart will tell me when the right one appears. Hopefully it will be made of sea glass to give it a Nova Scotia feel.