Rescue Journal

welcome home rubix cube

Carol  ·  Jan. 9, 2017

ruby came back today from her adoptive home trial..not in any way her fault. her new much larger sibling brother was bullying her and it wasn't fair for her to have to live anxiously avoiding him.
apparently she did have one witnessed seizure while she was away so i have marked it on the calendar to keep track of the frequency. ruby is not supremely happy to be back here again..she thought she had blown this popsicle stand. but she has already had a snack and i doubt it will be long before she is digging around in the bin to find her favorite toys again.

the thing is..ozzie, her failed brother dog, lived happily with ootah, a previous saints foster dog. and this brings forward something that we humans fail to accept...dogs are like people..they like some folks and don't like others and not all dogs will choose to always be every single someone's very best friend.

if we as humans get to choose who we like to hang with and who we don't..i suppose animals should be able to choose their companions as well.


Lynne arnason

Ah ruby welcome back I'm sure it won't be long before you get a new home you r a fun energetic little girl sorry your home did not work out


i suppose stress could but not necessarily. i thought she might seizure the first day or two when she came originally in because she was super stressed. but she didn't. and then i was expecting to see some seizure activity because of her spay..firstly the anesthetic would have lowered her seizure threshold plus she was horribly upset the first couple of days after her spay but again she didn't. the brain is a funny strong in some ways and yet so vulnerable too. hard to predict how and when and why the brain misfires with epileptics...i am not even sure neurologists really understand how idiopathic epilepsy works.


Thanks for the reply, Carol. I knew she had seizures in the past and I was just wondering if stress would increase the probability of them occurring.


no apparently she has been seizuring occasionally for the past year and a half..we were just waiting for her to have one with us.


I'm not very familiar with seizures in dogs, so just for my own info, could being in a situation such as this where she was stressed lead to seizures?