Rescue Journal

what is rescue?

Carol  ·  Jan. 14, 2017

let me tell you a story about an animal in rescue.

several years ago a little senior dog was rescued by the SPCA from a horrible situation.
he was old, blind, matted, covered in fleas, he had a heart murmur and was a biter to boot. not very adoptable for sure.
so rather than make him live out his life unwanted in a kennel or end his life unwanted in a clinic back room, he was sent to a sanctuary for senior and special needs animals.
he lived there comfortably for a couple of years, sleeping on couches and beds, getting good care. he settled in and was a favorite of staff and volunteers. everyone loved him.
one day he was chosen to go out into permanent foster care, he had a special friend to love him, he had his medical bills covered and he lived happily there for a couple of more years.

but then, a few weeks ago, his foster dad had to move across the country, and this little old dog tossed a total fit when put in a crate for the 6 hour flight.
he was now ancient, old beyond old. his foster dad was truly afraid this little old ancient dog would not survive the flight and so he was returned to sanctuary care.
now this blind, little old dog was 19 years old at the very end of his life. he wasn't really happy to be back at the shelter but he took it in his stride.
but he was sad, he missed his dad, he was old as the hills, not feeling well, and he was starting to lose weight. the staff thought it might be depression but it also might be illness or simply old age.
so they took him to the vet for an check up, nothing obvious showed up but they tried a few different medication combo's and they made sure he was comfortable where he slept. they bought him special dinners and even hand fed him. every day they had discussions surrounding the well being of this little old ancient dog. they made new care plans, they evaluated the results, they changed the care plans, and tried again. some days he was better than others, but mostly he just slept. they wracked their brains to find answers to help him feel good, to make him happier, healthier, to feel younger. and in between all the talking and trying and fixing they held him, they loved him, they made him feel special and safe.
and he continued to fade.
19 years is a long time for a little dog to live, today was his very last day and he passed peacefully away.

and this is what rescue is really all little old blind dog and the journey he made.



Love it when you tell the story of one of the Saints....thank you. RIP Kobe


Thank you for loving him,being with him and the fact that you all where the to send him off to forever land makes me know that there are still beautiful hearts in this crazy world.