Rescue Journal

lucky duck

Carol  ·  Jan. 15, 2017

oh yay, i am sick..i thought it was my asthma and allergies but am pretty sure tonight it is a virus. at least that explains why i have been so tired for past several days.


one of the reasons i write the blog is to give folks a more in depth look at rescue. i am not saying that all rescues think, feel, act and operate like we do but most of us face similar challenges.
honesty is really important to me so i try to share the good, the bad and the ugly. and there also is a reason for long as rescue sprouts rainbows and fairy dust out about rescue, two things will happen A.more unprepared wanna be rescuers will want to join the fun party and one will ever truly understand that not needing rescue is the very best rescue of all.

i also want to give folks the opportunity to peek thru the windows and think about what they see.

if folks are looking for all of the right answers, the gold standard for rescue everything..they are reading the wrong blog. but if they are looking for a richer understanding (of the good, the bad and the ugly) this might be a relevant place.

new duck in today..don't know if male or female and so far this duck has no name. this apparently lost and hungry duck flew into an equestrian center looking for lunch. mo asked if we had duck room, which we did so duck moved in today and i have yet to meet him or her.
do not worry little duck, we gave you a heat lamp, a bed and some dinner and as soon as we figure out your actual gender, we will give you a name by which you can be called.

by the time i got home, gulliver was pitching a fit, he settled as soon as he found my foot. he fell asleep with his head on my boot, unaware that i slipped my foot out and went and had a hot bath.
i am back and he is still sleeping with the boot. all i can say tonight since i feel so crappy is..thank gawd for easily fooled dogs...i really needed a really hot (and undisturbed) bath!

it is supposed to start raining tomorrow..i hope that includes up here in the hills. the frozen water pipes have once again thawed so i am hoping we lose the looks stupid by the front gate.

i have redone the staffing schedule more times then i can say. i finally got it all done again and one of the staff then quit last week. so i did the schedule over but then another staff medical leave came up and i had to do them all over again. now here is the good news..practice makes perfect and i shot off that final working schedule in almost a blink of an eye!

ok..lets be wasn't just that practice makes really was because arnie was successful in force teaching me to use some kind of computerized scheduling spread sheet.
by the time i retire i will have acquired a whole new whack of skills that i will no longer need.

well..time to suck back some cough medicine and head off to sick person bed, i have one more shift to get thru and then i can crash and burn for a few days.
everyone here seems to be ok which is good, hopefully we have a quiet night.



Sorry to hear you are sick, that sucks. Glad the pipes are thawed. Way to Little House on the Prairie with the outhouse and trucking water around.
Have you heard anything on Lily, Sammy and Missy?