Rescue Journal

sometimes the last thing you need is lots of love.

Carol  ·  Jan. 17, 2017

it was a tough night last night and i needed sleep.

gulliver was in fine form, tossing fits every time he woke up and realized my feet were gone. it would take several minutes to get him to settle by struggling out of bed to give him back my foot until he fell asleep again and i thought about just taking him back into bed. unfortunately gulliver does what gulliver wants which includes diving head first off of furniture as soon as he decides that he wants to get down. he is safer on the floor. he is a sweet little dog, but he is a royal pain in the ass. given his absolute determination to be near me....i am pretty sure gulliver loves me....
or at least my foot.

i was coughing quite a bit during the ribs are so sore!

but the worst of it all was my very own dogs who love me so. they knew i was sick and they were concerned so everyone crowded around to make sure i stayed warm, unfortunately i was really running a fever! luna held my legs down while boomer licked my feet. 100 pound june had to go one nursing step farther and push herself along my spine, i guess she thought my body would do better if straightly aligned, 90 pound daisy squeezed in beside me on the very edge of the bed and dosed out gentle facial licks periodically and mystic sweet mystic was peering so close to my face that the only air available to me was the carbon dioxide she exhaled.
getting up and down, in and out of their combined attention to deal with gulliver just about did me in.

the night was a long, slow, one nightmare after another... except i was awake.
felt like total crap by morning...but i do feel a bit better tonight.
hopefully they will notice and not feel the need to care so well for me.

being loved is not always a splendid thing.



haha that sounds like our bed as well... Bailey sleeps between my legs.. Brody & Evan sleep on either side of my body and pin me in the covers! Hard to move. Very uncomfortable but I don't have the heart to move them lol.


Omg...I love the description...can picture the bed scene so clearly...thanks for that snapshot. I hope you have a better sleep tonight, still surrounded by all your loving paw pals.