Rescue Journal

just bitching.

Carol  ·  Jan. 19, 2017

the plumbers are coming tomorrow to cut thru the floor and fix the broken pipes. i went out to the cottage this morning, when i turned on the water the toilet there exploded and flooded the place, i checked the other toilet and it too was frozen solid. called the plumbers again, they sent a really nice guy out who replaced both toilets but still..between my car and now the cottage, i have been getting hit pretty hard. hopefully tomorrows repair at saints goes well,...arghh.

last night was another bad night with gulliver..hopefully he sleeps better tonight.

new rooster in, unclaimed stray from animal control. we named him wyatt.
new duck, new rooster..oh well.

it has not been much of a relaxing holiday for me so far. tomorrow i do all the saints shopping. the weekend is always a write off for peace. back to work on monday and all i did for a week off was pretty much just deal with fixing things.




I hate frozen/broken pipes! Wet, cold, messy - one has to bitch, or bust!!