Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 25, 2017

daisy, daisy
give me your answer true.
i'm half crazy
over the love of you....

talk about a helpless, hopeless life...

a half grown feral, fearful pup..rescued twice.
grows into a distrustful, fear aggressive 4 yr old 80 pound dog.
oh freaking yay.

at 0600 this morning the second my alarm went off...daisy jumped up on the bed.
she bounded up to my pillow, flopped herself down and laid her head across my chest.
i said good morning and kissed the top of her head and she started to lick my nose.
i rolled over and wrapped my arms around her neck and gave her a hug.
she rolled over for a belly rub.
i rubbed her belly and stroked both sides of her soft lovely face.
she flapped her feet at me, rolled up and shoved her nose in my neck.

slowly others are getting to see the truly sweet dog who so lovingly greets me each and every morning.
it is a long road, it is a slow road, it is a road with potholes.

but it is no longer a lonely road as daisy makes more and more friends.



Thanks Laura! Also those animals I've listed are my extra special bonds but ive certainly fallen in love with many many more over the years. How can you not, our animals are the best! Also I will give Kyah (and Simon because he's so darn handsome) a kiss for you, and a belly rub. She sure likes those :D


Great post……yes Saints does wonders with loving them for who they are.
Renee, Saints is so fortunate to have had you and your melting working at Saints for so many years……and you have adored some interesting characters over this time :-) Please give Kyah a kiss for me


Carol, I really enjoyed this post. I too have melted over some of the more difficult animals we have had at Saints over the years, Fourlane, Jesse, Kyah, Coda and Simon. I adore them so much and they responded with such love in return. It's funny, I was just telling one of our newer staff the other week about how, at Saints, we do not attempt to change who these animals are. We simply love them, and quite often (almost always) the animals heal themselves. I mean, if kissing beautiful Kyah on the face (or any of the other ones I mentioned because I kissed them all!!) isn't evidence that melting works, I don't know what is haha


someone asked me how i get dogs like daisy, june and luna to come along and bond with me...i didn't really have an answer. then i read an article in modern dog last week that one of the suggestions with problematic dogs was to stop all training and just fall in love with the dog and let the bond do the work. interestingly enough with all three of these shy girls..i absolutely melt when i even look at them..they are just so incredibly beautiful, sweet, lovely that i melt in the sight of them. i have to say in all honesty..i haven't taken the time to fall in love with caishen and clover like that...i love them but i don't melt. not sure if i would make more headway with them if i let that deep bond develop...caishen's vision isn't great so maybe she would not be able to see it. but i am going to put in some extra effort with both of those girls and see if we can get to the melting stage and if we can, where it takes us.


That really made my day. I have a former sled dog in my care who is extremely distrustful of humans. After two years in my care, he continues to leave the room when I sit down and jumps at the slightest motion. I can only dream of him approaching me or even take a treat from me. We are light years away from that. Dog behaviourist, prescription medication, supplements -- you name it, nothing has made a difference. So, so happy Daisy is able to trust you!


about the same..content with her couch and her dog friends, very distrustful of people


I'm so happy to hear that Daisy is doing so well.

How is Cai Shen doing? Is she settling in?