Rescue Journal

new dog in...

Carol  ·  Feb. 1, 2017

i named her violet,
unclaimed stray..senior dog with bad eyes, bad teeth, matted and nails growing into the pads of her feet. the shelter sent her into the vets so now she is shaved, nails are trimmed, drops for her eyes, antibiotics for her teeth and pain meds. the shelter staff said she didn't like getting out of her bed and became upset if she was moved.
3 hours into violets saints welcome...she has already demanded to accompany me from kitchen to computer room and of course, she won. and she has taken over the biggest and best-est bed which was kassa blanka's!
absolutely adorable, fiesty, demanding, little lady not to be thwarted from what she wants.
i am pretty sure she is going to be a huge favorite here and probably will never make it to the adoption list because the volunteers may all be trying to scoop her!

violet is not shrinking..she is growing bigger here!
totally in love with this little, old, and super cute, bossy girl!



Love the name....need pics pls. Welcome Violet...hope she loves barn detail !!