Rescue Journal

love is not enough.

Carol  ·  Feb. 4, 2017

it took anne and i well over an hour to shave off the matted casts on roxanne's little legs. the matts were so thick and tight and had been there for so long that one of her legs has a pressure sore and is now deformed from the matted cast holding her leg out of place.

honestly, i am so sick and tired of hearing how much people really love their horribly neglected pets..yes i believe they love them but they obviously don't have what it takes to care for them.

people who want to have pets ought to have to take a battery of tests to rule out insanity, ignorance, selfishness, laziness, and fickle-mindedness.

i have serious doubts whether roxanne has ever been to a vet, she certainly hasn't seen much of a groomer for her legs to be in such terrible shape.

but i can tell that roxanne has emotionally felt human love, she is too loving not to have felt it before. too bad that love didn't come with some physical care so she didn't suffer from unrelenting pain.

when anne and arnie and i saw what that matt had done to her leg...all of us choked was so fucking unnecessary for her to suffer that way.



If I can get out of my driveway I will be there. Roads, I think are fine but, my driveway is about twice as long as the Saints driveway. So... not sure.


Sorry but I won't be in tomorrow either. I don't even know if my car will get down my road. I let Nicole know earlier today.


Poor Roxanne....she must feel better now with the matts gone....looking forward to meeting her and the other 3 newbies, but....
Re SNOW: I will not be able to get to Saints in the morning..we're past 40 cm now, and it's still coming down heavy, and supposed to continue right thru tomorrow. I hope Mission sees some respite, but there's little hope of the snow slowing down here in Hope, and roads are not good.
Really sorry....hope the rest of the volunteers make it in. I will let Nicole know too.