Rescue Journal

sadie suddenly passed away today

Carol  ·  Feb. 5, 2017

she was found by one of our staff while out on a hike last year. sadie was lost in the bush and found sitting near her deceased chicken friend, all alone in the world.
she was brought to saints and joined our small flock and has done very well. sadie has not been ill, she has been looking and acting like she normally does, no one was concerned or aware that she might be feeling unwell. andrea checked her over carefully when she was found this morning but could not find anything untoward. we don't know how old sadie was, we don't know where she originally came from or how she ended up in the bush. all we know is that since sadie came here, she seemed content with her new home and friends and we are so sorry to have lost her.
rest in peace sadie, you were a beautiful girl.


shelagh f

chickens don't get as much attention and the other animals,
glad she had a good life till the end.