Rescue Journal

crappy days are here again...

Carol  ·  Feb. 7, 2017

we are really struggling here...the deep snow makes all of the work just that much harder, plus i noticed tonight that it has broken our new-ish $600 outside storage tent. so happy about that!
we have a bunch of staff off right now which makes the work here twice as hard and that sucks greatly too.

i had to cancel 2 vet visits and 2 animal surgeries today..we were too short staffed to get them all in and picked up again. this is the first time that the animals have paid the price because everything went sideways here. they will all be re-booked for a less chaotic day.

i did manage to get half the house done before i left for work and luckily lynne came and finished everything else up.

but mo's back is going from the extra and on going strain of working in 3 feet of snow, erin is being a real pain in the ass. she is barely 2 weeks post op after major surgery and is back on limited tasks but every time i turned around she was doing shit she was not supposed to be doing and totally freaking me out. lynne lost her greatly loved husband barely 2 weeks ago and here she is helping to save our ass. jackie has taken over the mp building on her own and she had not been fully trained to do that yet, poor anne has stepped up and is trying to be 3 people at once and really feeling the load. i swear to god i thought she was going to cry when she left work today. and our other ann just called, her son in law is coming up with the tractor to plow us out again...TONIGHT, in the DARK. it took arnie more than 2 hours to get here on the weekend, and andrea couldn't get her car up the hill so she parked it and grabbed a ride with someone else. and then there was the house, the mp building and the barn folks who killed themselves for hours this weekend, dealing not just with the insane amount of snow, but no shavings and less people to go has sucked here for everyone since the weather and our staffing levels went nutz.

shit..these guys are the heroes. ordinary people who do not let life get in their way...they navigate life's bumpy road, pull up their socks, shove their feet in boots and put one foot in front of the other to ensure the saints animals get their care.

yes it totally sucks here right now in pretty much every way...and if we don't kill our heroes with them trying to take care of this besieged snowy fort...we might all live to work and fight thru another shitty day.

and..they are the folks that makes saints great!



Omg....Wish I could help out....but between working fulltime and living in Hope, and this crazy weather I can' t even make it there on Sundays lately. I can't imagine how hard it is getting everything done daily right now. Thank you Carol and all the staff struggling to keep going. You are all amazing.

Ellen Nickerson

And here I sit in Nova Scotia with the lawn barely covered with snow and supposed to be +9 and rain today. Who turned the country around. Hope you all have a better day. Wish I had a magic carpet.