Rescue Journal

awaiting the worm.

Carol  ·  Feb. 10, 2017

the power was out for over 30 hours..that totally sucked for everyone here. no power, no electricity, no pump, no water. add that to being virtually down 3 senior staff this week and it pretty much sucked around here.
but..lynne came every day and helped us out, jamie, erin, and anne got to some of the most critical vet runs, and arnie found us a scookum yes we survived.
i came home from work and tossed out all of the freezer and fridge stuff cuz i don't want to risk a house full of food poisoned animals..that would put me right over the edge.
i am picking up more over time hours at work this weekend but will do a fridge restock and barn feed run before i go tomorrow.

this might be one of the hardest things about rescue but it is also one of the best things too...
when the going gets tough..the tough get going.
saints had some super tough folks that got the really important stuff done despite a bunch of nasty road blocks these past several days...saints folks ain't wienies fer sure!

FYI apparently the power lines that are down in the driveway and front yard are not hydro power lines which would be totally dangerous but are in fact cable/phone lines which are not dangerous so it is safe for us to come and go thru the gate.

HOPEFULLY things will ease up a bit on us for a little always hope floats til it sinks.

anyway..everyone (human and animal) is ok..everyone survived, it might not have been much fun but then life sometimes is not a lot of fun..most of the time it's just hard work.
however..the hard working early bird supposedly catches the worm.

so.....we are waiting the gawd dam worm.


Brenda McCormick

Good for you Doug....nice to help out when staffing is so short right now👍

Anne Seward

Can I put in a big shout out to weekend volunteer Doug who came in on Thursday and helped out in the house and shovelling that nasty slushy snow to clear some pathways for us.

Brenda McCormick

Been waiting on an update post... So glad to hear you're all ok..and I'm looking forward to finally making it back to Saints this Sunday, since it's raining now.
I hope the worm shows up soon deserve a big fat juicey one Carol.