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Carol  ·  Feb. 17, 2017

zander finally stabilized and was discharged from ER back to his foster home to be followed by our regular vet. three days of critical care was a big bill, luckily we could cover it.

stella was rushed off to the vets yesterday, she suddenly was unable to stand. not exactly sure yet what is wrong with her but here is something interesting about animals under stress.
stella couldn't walk on her own when she went in yesterday morning but when i picked her up last night? as soon as she saw me she stood up, we opened the kennel gate and she trotted right past me straight thru the clinic to the front door..."hurry up lady...lets go!!!!"
she got into the car, jumped out when we got home and headed right for the front door.
within 5 minutes of being home back near her "safe" bed..she started wobbling and falling over again.
what was that temporary miracle?
it's called Adrenalin. and it got her back to where she wanted to at home again.
stella is back down and has not gotten up since.

gulliver had a better night following a med readjustment..he slept well which meant i slept well..except i kept waking up and tuning my ears in his direction, just in case i was missing something.
the last med tweak only lasted a day or two, hopefully this one will last longer.

new cat in..his name is maxwell or max-a-million. he is currently recovering from a fairly big dental. sweet boy. he was originally gotten off craigs list when his owner passed away. he was adopted by a young man without a job or any money. max needed a thousand dollars worth of medical care and saints was contacted. we thought to make max a foster cat, cover his current medical needs and then re-adopt him back. but his new owner was not at home very often, remained unemployed and unlikely to have the time or resources to care for max's future needs. so in his best interests he has come to saints to find a home that will be better prepared for ongoing pet care responsibility.

duke has been having some issues lately, most likely due to his diabetes. he was at the vets yesterday for an assessment.

we are hiring again, we are short 1 possibly 2 full time positions..i placed the ad and will have to deal with wading thru resumes and interviews. so not my favorite thing. finding the right people is way harder than you would think. it is not just about loving is about work ethics and personal responsibility. its about having enough positive life experience to have not only common sense and actual problem solving skills but also some innate wisdom too. and it is about really hard work that has to be done well because there are lives and their quality of life depending on you. all of this for a not so great wage...makes finding the right people... difficult.
oh we go again.
the good news is..we have some truly great current staff..i am looking into the possibility of cloning. if science can clone a sheep..why not some of our staff??!!



I laughed when I saw Max-a-million because that is one of the spellings I use for my cat, Max. the other is Max-swell

Sue Palmer

I read about your need to hire 1 or 2 staff. Perhaps I could volunteer to help screening applicants. I have done this sort of thing before. Sue Palmer