Rescue Journal

does anyone know if winter is over yet???

Carol  ·  Feb. 19, 2017

the damn dog yard looks like a bomb went off in it...wet, dirty toys. half frozen into the ground, the beginning of new holes as the ground becomes unfrozen...i should just cement the sucker then let the dogs even try to do their "lets make a big and ugly mess" twisted dog fun kind of thing! is not just the dogs..the farm areas are a mess too. we will have to bring in lyle and his bobcat to scrape everything up and spread clean gravel and hog fuel.

honestly... unless you are a ski hill...this winter was brutal.

whatever..we did survive. clean up can happen when we know for sure that winter is done messing with us.

animal updates...

did i already introduce lovey?
the THIRD white cat to come into our care in the past month?
she started biting her senior and ill owner so it was no longer safe for her to remain in the home.
she is in settling in mode, hopefully soon she will feel at ease in her new shelter home.

stella is not well..still can't get up and walk on her own..tomorrow is the re-assessment day after altering her meds to see if we can get her back on her feet.

we put gulliver on a quality of life assessment sheet last week..i am not happy with what we are seeing. we have adjusted his meds again to see if we can make things better for far, not good.

floyd reverted back to his obsession with edwina...she started hiding out in the nesting boxes to escape him. floyd has lost his chance to live with his friends, he is back living side by side but with a fence to separate them. really floyd..ya just couldn't leave her in peace?? no means no even in duck speak!

i woke up with a headache and my foot is still sore....i would like to climb back into bed but i better get dressed, another day is ready to on the string of a rescue yo yo.

oh but the good news is...distracted, wandering harry is beginning to bond with me. last night he was trying to climb up on my lap and this morning he is drowsing tucked under mt feet.
oh yay, another old homeless dog has no other choice but to love me.


Carol A.

Poor Lovey! I think she knew her momma was sick. She smelled different, her skin, maybe personality.

One of our cats gives love bites. She curls up and snuggles with you licks your fingers, your faces! washes your hair her tongue and when you smooth it our of her mouth. she larches on! gets annoyed! then settles back to purring.
She is akso pure wite with blue eyes and can be twitchy woth the other cats.

I do hope little gulliver settles okay. ❤❤❤

shelagh f

I am pretty sure that yard area will be full of holes as soon as
it totally melts. All that pent up digging will have to be spent.
I guess you have to look at it as they are having fun. maybe they
will stop eating your bed and your housecoats if they can do
their own landscaping.

3 white cats is pretty amazing in one place.