Rescue Journal

sad day at saints

Carol  ·  Feb. 21, 2017

gulliver was helped to pass peacefully away, his quality of life remained poor and the med adjustment didn't make any difference. as it was, he has been sedated into sleeping for most of each day but when he was awake, he continued to have panic attacks whenever he found himself not touching someone. it is logistically impossible to have someone with him every moment of the day and night even tho we really tried. when we took him into the vets today and had the discussion on possible other meds to try, the vet said considering his previous trauma of being hidden behind laundry machines for several weeks with a shock collar to keep him quiet so he wouldn't give his presence away, she felt that trauma was just far too deep for him to ever feel safe alone again. i really loved this little dog, how could i not when i spent so much time soothing and protecting him? but i think gulliver needed to be free from his imaginary terror that so often overwhelmed him.
rest in peace little broken boy, you were greatly loved and will be missed.

salty was also assisted to pass peacefully away. he has been dropping weight for weeks now. we had him in for a full assessment including xrays a couple of weeks ago but we couldn't find what was bringing him down. we know that he had an aggressive testicular tumor removed when we neutered him in 2014 so we are assuming that the cancer had spread to somewhere where we couldn't see.
salty was 17 yrs old when he passed away, he had a long life and many people who loved him here. he also leaves behind clementine who loved him dearly, he was the love of her life.
rest in peace little salty, you had a strong heart and a very gentle soul.


shelagh f

even though it is the right thing to do, it still hurts and leaves
a hole RIP little guys

Brenda McCormick

Oh....dear Salty and Gulliver. I loved you both. It makes me very sad that I will not see these sweet boys in the kitchen this Sunday, even tho I knew that was a possibility when I left on the weekend. I will miss you guys.. Glad now that I gave each an extra kiss and cuddle. RIP gentle souls.

Lenore Henry

So sorry to hear that we lost both Gulliver and Salty today - they will both be missed so much. I am so glad I got to hold frail little Salty this past Sunday. Rest in peace sweet souls.